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Accent lighting is key to making any space feel warm and cozy. Can lights and chandeliers can often be overwhelming in a space after a long day at the office, so softer, lower light sources are the perfect remedy. Additionally, accent light has been SO FUN lately - they act as a sculptural piece as well.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to utilize accent lighting in not-so-obvious ways:

  • on a side table in the living room or family room, or convenient reading light

  • on a console table centered in front of a window for a bold statement both indoors and out

  • a small piece like this or this would be perfect on a bookshelf (just make sure you have access to a plug)

  • on a bathroom counter as a nightlight

A few things to consider when sourcing your accent lighting:

  • Traditionally rooms should typically have three light sources, but can be made up of any combination: can lights, chandeliers, accent lights, under cabinet lighting or wall sconces.

  • How does it switch on or off? Lots of accent lamps have switches on the cord, and if that cord is hidden behind furniture - it won’t be functional.

  • How tall is the sightline? Does the lampshade cut off views across the room? If so, could it be moved to the outer perimeter of the room instead?

  • Check the wattage limitations. You can get around this by swapping to LED lighting (I always opt for the warm white options), but make sure you’re lamp will provide enough light to illuminate your space.

  • If you’re shopping on a budget be sure to check Target’s Project 62 line or World Market. Both have had great mid-century inspired options the last few seasons, all for under $60!

via  Emily Henderson

via Emily Henderson

via  Delightfull  for Style at Home

via Delightfull for Style at Home

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