Chandeliers: Favorites + Inspiration

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A statement chandelier can easily be the focal point of any space - but in a dining space, it’s the item that anchors the entire room and sets the mood for the meal. With so many great options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when selecting a fixture for a dining space. Oversized fixtures are making a major statement right now and I’m finding my favorite inspiration Pins are almost always featuring a statement chandelier. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind while you’re shopping:

  • Mix your metals! If your adjacent dining room has black cabinet hardware, let your chandelier sparkle with an antique brass finish.

  • Don’t be afraid of texture - one of the biggest trends I’m seeing for 2019 is textured light fixtures made of shell, wood beads, leather or hammered metals.

  • Select a fixture that is one half to three quarters the width of your table. Since oversized is making such a statement, feel free to push that three quarters number!

  • Your fixture should hang 32 inches above the table on an eight foot ceiling. For taller ceilings, you can raise your fixture three inches for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favorite statement chandeliers in rooms for you to pull inspiration from. Happy shopping!

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