Kelley Price is an interior designer based in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and has worked with hundreds of families in and around Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and the South New Jersey Shore.

Portrait of Kelley Price in living room

Many of Kelley's clients look to work with an interior designer to create a space that feels finished and inviting for their family and their guests. Kelley saves them time and stress by handling the hundreds of steps necessary to bring their new space to life.

Kelley is able to accommodate projects large and small, from full home renovations and new constructions to one-room refreshes and paint consultations. Many of her projects include custom made furniture pieces such as upholstered seats, repurposed barn doors, and custom window treatments. Kelley collaborates with trusted professionals for kitchen and bath renovations.

“My clients often have homes with open concepts, and they struggle to tie it all together. Sometimes they have existing furniture pieces but don’t know what to do next.”

Kelley Price carrying flowers

With a prior successful career as an advertising account executive and having owned and operated a brick and mortar storefront, Kelley is practical and task oriented. “I see each project like a puzzle. If a room is not quite right, there is always a reason. The solution requires the right configuration of pieces and steps. Neatness and organization is at the heart of my work.” 

With a proven track record with other 11 years interior design experience, Kelley’s work has been recognized by various publications and show houses, including two hardcover books. Kelley was also recently named the 2018 interior designer winner of the Bucks County Happening List. Her style has been described as cozy, laid back, and welcoming. 

“I love using textures and different finishes like woods, metals and ceramics to create a layered look that was built over time. But first, I find something in the room to love.”

In addition to her interior design business, Kelley also runs an online store, in which her clients can shop from a curated collection of Kelley’s favorite pieces.

Kelley lives in a wonderful colonial style house in Chalfont with her husband, daughter, son, a Bernese mountain dog, and a mini golden doodle.

Kelley Price with her dog in her front yare















Kelley took the time to get to know me, and the spaces she has designed for me truly feel tailor made. She was very clear, thorough, transparent, and fair throughout the process – very timely and efficient.

– ANN B.


Hi Kelley!!! Thank you so much for coming out today! We LOVE the first concept. 

-  Katie V.

I think it's the perfect solution. Really appreciate your guidance!

-  Dina R.

Love the simple change you suggested to the kitchen. Looks so much cozier! 

-  Julie G.

OMG i love it - YOU ARE THE BEST!! you are so talented  - thank you thank you!!

-  Audi H.

By the way – my daughter loves her room…..really loves it, says she doesn’t want to go back to a college apartment….. 

-  Ann B.

Kel. I LOVE this!!! Wow!

-  Kellie F.

Shutters are in, chair is in, everything looks phenomenal!  Many thanks!

- Scott C.

Well….i just LOVE all of it!

-  Maureen W.

The wallpaper went up today - looks so great.  Love your idea, I love it!  

-  Nancy L.

Wonderful! Thx :)

You're really awesome, Kelley

-  Lori M.

The sectional was delivered this afternoon.  it looks AWESOME!  I just love that color in the room.

- Peg P.

The family room really looks warm, cozy, inviting. We ALL really LOVE it.

-  Teresa S.

I love everything!  Thank you!

-  Janice M.


Everything that came in was not what I expected, I knew that I would like everything that you ordered, but this was so much more than I expected, I love everything.  Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see everything put together.

-  Mary D.


We love, love, love the concept that you've created for us!  We love everything about it, and we love the paint colors too! 

Stephanie F.

Great thanks. Couldn't be happier with window treatments. 

-  Amy M.

I still absolutely love how my living room turned out and get so many compliments.  

-  Kristin S.