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I am a true lover of statement rugs, as they can transform a room more quickly than just about anything else! When shopping for a statement rug, you should consider the longevity of the pattern - is it a timeless staple you’ll want forever, or something more fun and trendy you may want to switch out in the future?

Once you’ve decided your intention with your rug, you can decide what materials your rugs should most likely be made of. For a long term investment piece, wool is a great option for its durability and comfort. For a trendy piece to add pop to a room, you could go with a synthetic option. Synthetic fibers have come a long way and are now soft and nearly indestructible. The best part about synthetic fibers is they can be scrubbed clean with soap and water! Synthetic options like polyester or polypropylene are typically much more budget friendly, while still giving the look of wool.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best statement rugs for any budget. These can be used in virtually any space in your home - from the 2x3 sizes in a small powder bath to the 9x12 in a large living room. Remember to select a statement piece that contrasts the furniture sitting on it. If your sofa is blue, go bold with a red based statement rug. In a kid’s room, let pattern shine in their favorite colors.

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The Best Statement Rug Roundup | Kelley Price Interiors
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